A Loan Again, Naturally

(to the tune of “Alone Again Naturally”)

Copyright © 2014 Kevin Ahern


A crisis is about to blow

With the bankers holding all the dough

They promise this time to behave themselves

But that is just all for show


They’ve got the market hot

To grab the stash you’ve got

In an effort for taking even more

And to them that is all that matters


We’re waiting in the line at a sign

That simply tells us “Don’t be upset

From too much debt”

No wonder there’s complaining


They treat us like we’re sheep

When they get money cheap

To loan again, naturally


It happened in two thousand eight

The Lehman brothers met their fate

They created a great big decay

And asked us to remunerate


But the walls came tumbling down

The effects hit every town

And each stinking cuss

Took a piece from us

With a massive corporate bailout


Leaving such a mess

That became the great recession

Oh if there is a place called hell

Here is a suggestion


Send them there for me

To pay eternally

An APR - fifty three

(slowly) A loan again, naturally



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