Around the Nucleus
(to the tune of “Across the Universe”)
Copyright © 2011 Kevin Aher


David Simmons nails the style of John Lennon's "Across the Universe" in this recording of "Around the Nucleus". I worked on this for quite a while to get the my lyrics to match John's typically changing cadence of the original. I liked how it turned out and David's eerie recording brought it all together. I liked it the final result so much I created surreal YouTube video (HERE) to go with it. You can download David's recording HERE .



DNA gets spooled like balls of yarn

Within the chromosomes

Unwinding when it’s duplicated there

Around the nucleus


Primase sets down RNA

To pave the path for DNA

Across a replication fork


Complementarit-y rules (ahhhhhh)

DNA Pol-y-mer-ase

Synthesizing DNAs

(and) RNA Pol-y-mer-ase

Making all the RNAs


Helicases split the strands

In front of replication forks

To make templates accessible

Around the nucleus


Complementary bases

Match the bonds of ‘H’ and hold the strands

Together till they’re pulled apart

Around the nucleus


Hydrogen bonding fuels (ahhhhhhhhh)

Tiny alpha helix bands

Folding for the cells’ demands

Beta sheets comprised of strands

Meeting little cells’ demands


Exons link majestically all guided

By a master plan encoded in the cell’s genome

That’s buried deep inside of me

Countless combinations of the codons

Bring diversity to life evolving on and on

Around the nucleus


COM-plex-es rule the world (ahhhhhhhh)

Ribosomes and spliceosomes

Transforming the cells’ genomes

Ribosomes and spliceosomes

Builders of the proteomes


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