BB Office Battle Hymn

(to the tune of “Battle Hymn of the Republic”)

Copyright © 2010 Kevin Ahern


All the visitors who climb the stairs in ALS can see

Smiling faces when they come to visit biochemistry

There is Barbara, there is Lisa, and Jill Wait is number three

They’re the BB office staff

Glory to the office staff who

Help us do our work and laugh too

Serving Karplus, Ho and Mathews

They’re the BB office staff


Right up front is Barbara Hanson who makes popcorn every week

Students hand their time cards in to her on every month’s fifteenth

Barbara’s just the one to turn to if the toner’s getting weak

She has got the magic touch

Glory, glory Barbara Hanson

Typing letters with abandon

Always has the upper hand an’

Thank you Barbara very much


Just behind her sits our bookkeeper whose name you know is Jill

She can balance the accounts and statements as she pays our bills

And for every effort made she demonstrates the utmost skills

There is no need for debate

Jill’s the food drive’s major booster

Payables do not confuse her

Plus she takes care of a rooster

Thank you very much Jill Wait


As for managing the operation Lisa is devine

Even though she’s only in the office point five of her time

Her predictions of the weather are uncanny and sublime

Yes she makes a great forecast

Lisa manages the corps

Now that Walsh is here no more

Wins the Squirrels final four

Lisa cannot be surpassed


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