Thank Goodness My Blood is Clotting
(to the tune of "Don't Sleep in the Subway Darling")
Copyright © 2011 Kevin Ahern

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I’m feeling so sad

‘Cuz I cut . . . . myself bad

Now I’m all worried ‘bout . . . . consequences


It’s starting to bleed

There’s some clo . . . . sure  I need

So the body kicks . . . . in its defenses


It’s happened all so many times before

The blood flows out and then it shuts the door


Thank goodness my blood is clotting

Enmeshing the fibrin chains

Thank goodness my blood is clotting

The zymogens

Are activating and all is well

So I’ll stop bleeding again


The vitamin K’s

Help to . . . . bind to cee-ays

Adding C-O-. . . . O-H to amend things



It hardens and stays

When a glu. . . . taminase

Creates co. . . . valent bonds . . . . for cementing


In just a moment, things are good to go

The clot’s in place and it has stopped the flow


But what about clot dissolving?

Untangling fibrin chains?

This calls for some problem solving

There is a way

Just activate up some t-PA

Get plasmin active in veins


Oh, oh, oh.

And thanks to the dis-enclotting’

As part of repairin’ veins

It’s part of my body’s plotting

The wound is gone

I’m back where I started and

Nothing’s wrong

My blood flow is normal again.



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