(to the tune of “Sunshine on My Shoulders”)

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Side chains of the lysines bind to phosphates

Minus charges cling to plusses tight

Chromatin assembly is essential

Eukaryotic cells must get it right


Cells are tiny micro-scaled enclosures

With nuclei tucked deep in their insides

That’s the place amazingly enough that

Seven feet of DNA resides


H2a and H2b have lysines

That’s how they get charges don’t forget

Paired with H’s three and four they make up

A chromatin core’s octameric set


These get organized in higher orders

Changing with the cycles of the cell

Denser packing going through mitosis

At other times the structures simply swell


So because of all the hyperpacking

Nuclei can hold entire genomes

Thank the histones spooling DNA for

Physically downsizing chromosomes


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