The Coastal Aquarium

(To the tune of “Age of Aquarius”)

Copyright © 2017 Kevin Ahern

At the coast, there is a special place
For everyone to watch the fish
Beneath the tides there are sea stars
And every child gets their wish

This is the magic of the coastal aquarium
Coastal Aquari—um,
Aquarium, aquarium

Harbor seals and sharks are swimming
While the children are all grinning
Cormorants and puffins feeding
Prepping for the season’s breeding

Squids and orcas loudly splashing
By the ocean always crashing
Aquarium, Aquarium

When you go, remember just one thing
This is an o-ceanic zoo
These beautiful sea animals
Are just waiting here for you 

This is the magic of the Coastal Aquarium
The Coastal Aquarium, Aquarium, Aquarium
Aquarium, Aquarium




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