Complementary Bases

(to the tune of “California Dreamin")

Copyright © 2013 Kevin Ahern



Mendel took the lead (Mendel took the lead)

Working with his peas (working with his peas)

And then Miescher found the seed (Miescher found the seed)

Studying disease (studying disease)

By the nineteen forties (by the nineteen forties)

‘Twas clear it causes traits (clear it causes traits)

Complementary knowledge (complementary knowledge)

Led us to DNA


Chargaff’s bases had 

Only set ratios 

Well then Watson-Crick took that (Watson-Crick took that)

Info and proposed (info and proposed)

Bases each must have a partner (each must have a partner)

G and C, T and A (G, C, T and A)

Complementary bases (Complementary bases)

Make up our DNA


Now we know the truth (Now we know the truth)

Of the form called B (of the form called B)

Thanks to Franklin’s work (thanks to Franklin’s work)

And skullduggery (and skullduggery)

Though she hadn’t told them (though she hadn’t told them)

They got it anyway (got it anyway)

Complementary data (gave us our D-N)

Complementary data (gave us our D-N)

Complementary data

Gave us our DNA


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