(to the tune of "Ticket to Ride")

Copyright © 2011 Kevin Ahern


Tonight I’m feeling quite glad

Because I can say (yeah)

My cells are working like mad

To make DNA


They’re making nucleoti-ides

Way down deep and insi-i-ide


Are on the way


They activate RNR

With an ATP, yeah

Changing T to an R

Deep inside of me


Deoxynucleoti - ides

That’s what the enzyme provi-i-ides


Are on the way


The enzyme’s mechanism’s so sly

It is tactical

Using radical you see

So when it kisses substrate goodbye

It seems magical

In its practical-i-ty


The two prime I will mention

In this exercise, yeah

Its one bit of oxygen

Has got to downsize, yeah


2-prime is de-ox-i-fying

That’s what the enzyme is buy-i-ing

2-prime is deoxified

It’s gone away


They’re gonna go and make DNA

You gotta know that

They’re gonna do that in me

They’re gonna go and replicate

A polymerase

Is gonna do that for me


Because of structure decrees

In nucleotides, yay

DNA is in B’s

But not much in A


Oh deoxynucleotides



Give B-forms

That oxygen’s gone

That oxygen’s gone

That oxygen’s gone



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