Fishy Tale
(to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands”)
Copyright © 2011 Indira Rajagopal


There are lots and lots of fishes in the sea

And in rivers and all places watery

They have gills and they have scales

Quite unlike the mighty whales,

Which are mammals, just the same as you and me.


Some fishes like to swim around in schools

In oceans, lakes or even little pools.

They can make a tight-knit team

Like a single silver gleam

As they synch and swim according to the rules.


Reefs are found where water’s shallow, warm and clear

And multicolored fish dart there and here

Where anemones abound

That’s where Nemo can be found

You can see it if you use your scuba gear.


If you’d like to learn a nifty fact or two

Concerning fish and what they like to do

Take your questions in a list

To an ich-thy-ologist

So that you’ll become a fishy expert, too


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