(to the tune of “Jean”)

Copyright © 2016 Kevin Ahern


Heme, heme, colored supreme

Deepest red I’ve ever seen

When my oxygen’s low

Hemoglobin will know

Give up your oxygen, heme


Heme, heme porphyrin ring

Bonded to five histidines

When an oxygen binds

To your iron it climbs

Tugging its histidine, heme


Then the globin arranges itself a new way

And the three other units tell their hemes OK

They can go on a bindin’ - oh-two they’re findin’


Then heme, heme leaving the lungs

Travels inside the bloodstream

When it finds a tissue

That is lacking oh-two

It gives what it needs, bloody heme


Heme, you keep me alive

Binding coop’ratively

Go release what I need

Just as Herr Bohr decreed

My tissues adore you, lovely heme



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