It Flows, Then My Glycogen Grows

(to the tune of Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes)

Copyright 2015 Kevin Ahern


When Im exercisin

It is not surprisin

That insulin is absentee

But when it flows

Then my glycogen grows

And nobody knows like me


During all the flexing

It may seem perplexing

The livers working easily

Turning lactate

Into glucose is great

And it is first rate to me


Theres something about an insulin high

That is hard to deny

And I shouldnt suppress, Yes!

It gets the sugar into the cells

More than anything else

Easing cellular stress


Epinephrines crazy

Absent when Im lazy

Made when I am scared you see

Then when it flows, all my glycogen goes

And G1P grows in me


My hormones they are treating my fine

Working all of the time

Dont know what I would do - ooh!

Activating protein kinase

So my phosphorylase

Does a glycogen chew


There is such a balance

Thanks to hormones talents

Managing the energy

Making glucose from my head to my toes

So evenly flow in me


It keeps working every night and day

And nobody knows like me

I just love it but never think of it

And nobody knows like me

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