I’ve Just Run a Gel

(to the tune of "I've Just Seen a Face")

Copyright © 2011 Kevin Ahern and Indira Rajagopal


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I’ve just run a gel.  I do not think it went too well

I may have used a bit much SDS.

The stacker’s looking like a mess.  It’s true

Oh now what will I do?


The protein sample’s my last one.  To purify it was not fun

I spent three weekends working late.

The middle lanes aren’t looking great.  I’m screwed

Good God what will I do?



I’m almost bawling

The boss is calling to follow through


I just loaded all I’ve got to make this final western blot

My fingers are both crossed for sure

I hope my protein product’s pure. I do

Then my thesis is through



All of the waiting

I’m contemplating what I should do



My eyes are straining

There’s no complaining.  I say ‘wahoo’


‘Cuz it has the band I need

I’ll go and have it scanned to speed

The writing of my thesis and

Proceed onto the post-doct’ral plan

Oh that will be so grand


Pieces make up my thesis. 

No more ‘phoresis.  The promised land.


Writing so unexciting.

But no more biting.  My nails again.


Writing is coinciding.

With reference citing.  I’m at the end.



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