The Ballad of Andy Karplus
(to the tune of “That’s Amore”)
Copyright © 2010 by Kevin Ahern

David Simmons' recording HERE

Here in BB it’s in the air
This song concerns a change of chair

He will give up his seat when the chairpersons meet
An-dy Karplus
‘Cuz he’s finished his term he ignores calls from Sherm
An-dy Karplus

It was nuts - when the budget cuts - kicked us in the butts
Now he acts with no peril
Like the crack - Beaver quarterback - gives it to his back
He hands IT off to Merrill

It’s OK to refuse writing THE year end news
An-dy Karplus
Doesn't need to appraise how he gives us TAs
for the term

He can roll his eyes - when the Dean organizes 
the col-lege
Now he's back in the pack and we're happy he's back
An-dy Karplus

If the staff’s in revolt he will not feel the jolt
An-dy Karplus (An-dy Karplus)
And there’s zero remorse over THE challenge course
An-dy Karplus (An-dy Karplus)

No one brings - petty little things - venting of their spleens
To command his attention
He just grins - when the term begins - bureaucratic spins
Will not cause hypertension (hypertension)

If there IS gloom or doom and the source is the Bloom
Andy Karplus (Andy Karplus)
He can take a back seat as his work is complete that’s for sure

(slowly) And can say “Golly shucks. That most certainly sucks”
with comPOSure
Filled with glee he's now free acting SAB-bat-ic-ly Andy Karplus


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