If You're Molecular and Know It, Clap Your Hands
(To the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands")
Copyright © 2003 Kevin Ahern (with assistance from his mother, Shirley Ahern)

Tim Karplus' recording HERE

Instructor sings black text, class sings red text

If you want to have a lot of energy (En-er-gy)
You had better make a lot of ATP
I will only tell you once
You need proton gradients
And a bunch of starting stuff like ADP

If you hanker for a sweet thing you can taste (You can taste)
And your Atkins diet book has been misplaced
(been misplaced)
You should know adrenalin
Is an aid to getting thin
Putting phosphates onto enzymes trims your waist
(trims your waist)

If you're feeling kind of achy in your ways (in your ways)
And that hangover has hung around for days
('round for days)
You should know you silly dear
Pain does not come from your beer
Prostaglandin's made by PGH synthase
(H synthase)

There are acids in the bile that make up gall (make up gall)
Which emulsify triacylglyerol
If your health is gone to hell
You should blame the LDLs
'Cause they carry all of that cholesterol

Some phosphates and a sugar on a base (on a base)
Make up C's and G's and U's or T's and A's
(T's and A's)
You can make a DNA
Or a strand of RNA
If you add a template and polymerase

If you want to ace this test with utmost ease (utmost ease)
You don't really have to get down on your knees
(on your knees)
And you need not say a prayer
So please don't pull out your hair
Just go download QuickTimes or the MP3s


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