Month of Rain

(to the tune of “King of Pain”)

Copyright © 2011 Kevin Ahern


There’s some rainfall impacting against my cheek

It’s the way it’s been going for the past two weeks

There’s another one falling now, a bigger drop

And the forecast is saying that it will not stop


So I’m standing outside beside my weather vane

Staring out at the water flowing down the drain

And I wish I it would stop before I go insane

But the forecast is calling for a month of rain


There’s an awful dark spot on the weather map

(It’s a lot of rain)

Showing more and more of the same old crap

(Going down the drain)

There’s a torrent of water flowing down the creek

(It’s the same refrain)

If it goes on much longer I am gonna freak

(Here it comes again)


And before I go on I need to ascertain

How the climate is changing could you please explain

The effect it will have upon the earth’s terrain

If it’s true that we’re doomed to have a month of rain?


There’s another inch more in the gauge outside

Dripping liquid sunshine that we take in stride

There’s a giant splotch across the radar screens

An image that everyone knows what it means


Month of rain

It will not stop month of rain

It will not stop month of rain



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