My Sweet Tooth

(to the tune of My Sweet Lord)

Copyright © 2014 Kevin Ahern


This is a stream of consciousness song that I hope you enjoy. 

The lead singers words are in black and the background choirs words are in red


My sweet tooth

Gettin' use

Choc’late mousse


Ive got diabetes

When I eat my Wheaties

I use altered sweeties

Yeah, but theyre not so good, I know


My sweet tooth


Sugar free


Eating too much sucrose

Elevates my glucose

The artificial sweetner crutch

Im afraid I use too much


(Sweetened food)

Sweet n Low

(Tastes too good)

Causes woes

(Not so good)

Mm I suppose

(Guess Im screwed)


Sucralose solution

Chlorine substitution

Chlorinated carbon rings

Top my list of scary things

Now theyre found in ev-er-y-thing


(Sugar free)


(Low calrie)

Not glucose


Mm I suppose



An artificial sweeteners

(Wanna chew ya)

A table sugar cheater

(Wanna chew ya)

For sugar substitution stuff

(Ahhhhhhhhhhhh - continues over next line)

Just a little bit is enough


(Diet Drink)


(Formate link)

My sweet tooth

(Makes me think)

Oh so sweet

(What I drink)




Hmm, so sweet


Oh my its sweet

(Sweet n low)

Mmm I love the sweet


I repeat

(Splenda dreams)


Now I really want to taste it

(Wanna chew ya)

Do not want want to waste it

(Gonna do ya)

I just cannot face it now

(Ooohhh - continues over next line)

Cuz I get a buzz from sweets


(Diet Pepsi)

Noo ooooooo

(Diet Coke)

My my my coke

(Sugar free)

My sweet tooth



My sweet tooth


Oooh nooo




(Saccharin and)

(Insulin and)

(Formalin and)


(Carbo loading)

My sweet tooth


Such sweet truth

(Ill explode)

My sweet tooth


(Sugar free)

My, my sweet tooth

(Isnt free)

Give me truth

(Candy cane)

(Its cocaine)

(Diet drink)

(Must rethink)





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