Protein Wonderland

(to the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Copyright © 2014 Kevin Ahern


Mechan-i-sm  . . determines

How an en . . zyme is workin

Here are the ways

That each elastase

Breaks a peptide bond so easily


Starting with the binding of the substrate

Catalytic triad is the star

Histidines electron sink reacts to

Pull a proton from a serines a-r-r-r-r


Then the al  . . . koxide ion

Gets elec . . . trons a-flyin

It makes a big fuss

For one nuc-le-us

And breaks and makes a bond with carbonyl


Then the process switches in its action

Water comes to free the carbonyl

Loss of proton yields hydroxide ion

Attacking on the peptide bound there still -ll -ll


Which the en . . . .  zyme releases

Otherwise . . . action ceases

The process is done

Until the S1

Binds a substrate starting up again



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