Good Protein Synthesis
(To the tune of "Good King Wenceslaus")
Copyright © 2011 Kevin Ahern

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Amino acids cannot join

By themselves together

They require ribosomes

To create the tether


All the protein chains get made

‘Cording to instruction

Carried by m-R-N-A

In peptide bond construction


Small subunit starts it all

With initiation

Pairing up two RNAs

At the docking station


Shine Dalgarno’s complement

In the 16 esses

Lines the A-U-G up so

Synthesis commences


Elongation happens in

Ribosomic insides

Where rRNA creates

Bonds for polypeptides


These depart the ribosome

Passing right straight through it

In the tiny channels there

Of the large subunit


Finally when the sequence of

One of the stop codons

Parks itself in the A site

Synthesis can’t go on


P-site RNA lets go

Of what it was holding

So the polypeptide can

Get on with its folding

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