Sheik to Sheik

(to the tune of “Cheek to Cheek”)

Copyright © 2013 Kevin Ahern


The more I write, the more I find myself moving in the direction of political and environmental themes. This Metabolic Melody

is one that has politics, economics, and the environment. I'm very proud of it because I think it captures

the spirit of the original song nicely.


Recording by David Simmons HERE




Exxon’s cracking

Every rock that they can find beneath our feet

It’s the cheapest way to riches that they seek

Now our water quality is looking bleak



Always drilling

From the Arctic in Alaska as we speak

To despotic places in the Middle East

Where the money changes hands from sheik to sheik


First Bridge (repeated)

Oh they love it when their profit

Has achieved its highest peak

But they don’t care how they get it as

They move from sheik to sheik


Yes they pump from underwater

Almost every single week

Just avoid the Gulf of Mexico

Should BP spring a leak


Second Bridge

Listen now

They’re grabbing dollars from you

No hollers from you

And finally down in



Deep in Texas

Where the men are men and women act so meek

And the Bushes and the Cheneys hardly speak

Of the way they’ve made their millions - sheik to sheik




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