Superoxide Dismutase

(to the tune of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious)


Copyright © 2016 Kevin Ahern


When oxygen’s electrons all are in the balanced state

There’s twelve of them for oh-two.  The molecule is great

But problems sometimes happen on the route to complex IV

Making reactive species that the cell cannot ignore


Oh superoxide dismutase is super catalytic

Keeping cells from getting very peroxynitritic

Faster than a radical, its actions are terrific

Superoxide dismutase is super catalytic


Enzyme, enzyme deep inside

Blocking all the bad oxides


The enzyme’s main advantage is it doesn’t have to wait

By binding superoxide in a near-transition state

It turns it to an oxygen in mechanism one

Producing “h two oh two” when the cycle is all done


Oh superoxide dismutase you’re faster than all them

You’ve got the highest ratio of kcat over KM

This means that superoxide cannot cause too much mayhem

Superoxide dismutase is faster than all them


Superoxide dismutase

Stopping superoxide’s ways


The enzyme’s like a ping-pong ball that mechanistic-ly

Bounces between two copper states, plus one and two you see

So S-O-D behaves just like an anti-oxidant

Giving as much protection as a cell could ever want


Oh superoxide dismutase, the cell’s in love with you

Because you let electron transport do what it must do

Without accumulation of a radical oh two

Superoxide dismutase - that’s why a cell loves you


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