Thank You, Mary Ann

(to the tune of “Those Were The Days, My Friend”)

Copyright © 2011 Kevin Ahern


Several years ago in Oklahoma

A girl was born in OKC one day

Ever since she was an embryoma

Adventurousness and fun were her fortes


This is the story of

That lady filled with love

Both for her husband

And her children too

Who’ve gone to great success

Mandy and Nicolas

Mary Ann Matzke hold on, we’re not through


Origins in Perry, Oklahoma

Where Timothy McVeigh was later caught

An Oklahoma State B.S. diploma

Along with that new guy you found so hot


Oh Gordon Matzke you

Showed her a thing or two

During the time you spent in Africa

She did not get unnerved

At Selous Game Reserve

Where spitting cobras made up the fauNA (accent on the ‘na’)


Then in the year of one nine seven seven

The Matzkes were uprooted every one

Moving out to a Northwestern heaven

They settled in Corvallis, Oregon


Then next the big game plan

In store for Mary Ann

Was getting work at a new OSU

She started musically

As part-time secret’ry

And then advising Science, Business too


Fast-forward fifteen years from when she started

Richard Thies had done his job with Fred

She leaped into the challenges whole hearted

In working as the new advising head


It went down very well

As everyone can tell

Who’s standing here to honor her today

The students too were pleased

She helped with their degrees

Oh Mary Ann please don’t go far away


We wish you all the best in your endeavors

Please know for sure you’ll never be forgot

So go enjoy your favorites forever

Green beans, lattes, and mucho “cho-co-lott”


And so now Mary Ann

This ends what you began

A journey long, but satisfying too

Science is better cuz

You worked with all of us

So take these thanks from both your OSUs


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