(to the tune of “Frosty the Snowman”)

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Are the bonds of RNA

That support a ribopolymer

Made of G,C,U and A


The RNA polymerase

Binds to a TATA box

And copies from the template strand

All the along the way it walks



Of transcription thus proceeds

From the closed to open complexing

In the DNA it reads


The sigma factor gets released

Its work is over fast

Polymerase can then advance

After this step has been passed


In elongation

The polymerizing spree

Moves along the way in fits and starts

Synthesizing five to three


The RNA is floppy and

It dangles from one end

Oh that’s a most important thing

For you to comprehend


Then termination

Fin-ish-ES the RNAs

Thanks to protein rho or hairpin forms

That release polymerase


So this describes transcription’s steps

In three part harmonies

Here’s hoping with this melody 

You (can) learn it all with ease


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