They Are Watching You

(to the tune of “Every Breath You Take”)

Copyright © 2010 Kevin Ahern


Every thing you say.  

Every price you pay

Every place you stay

Every single day.  

They are watching you.


Every thing you buy.  

Everywhere you fly

Every time you’re high

Up until you die.

They are watching you.


I need to know.  Why is it so?

When we come and go. Someone has to know.


Every email sent.  

Every nickel lent

Every dollar spent

Without your consent.

They are watching you.


Since you logged on you have left behind a trail

You click away, when you go and read your mail

I think you ought it know what it entails

There is no hiding all of your details

I keep on pleading someone, someone pleeeeaaaase


Why should they see?  What belongs to me

Who would disagree? Give me privacy

Every game you play

Every word you say

If you're straight or gay

Every night and day

They are watching you.

If you're straight or gay

Every night and day

They are watching you.


They are watching you.

Every thing you sell. 

Every wedding bell

Every U-R-L.

Every brand new Dell.

                    Always watching you.


Every key you type

Every time you gripe

Every bit of tripe

Coming through the pipes

                           Always watching you.


Every dollar spent

When you pay the rent

Every message sent

If you should dissent

                      Always watching you.        


Every place you dine

Every glass of wine

Each and every time

Where you go online

                       Always watching you.



Every DVD

Every MP3

Every COD

To the nth degree

                 Always watching you.


Everything preferred

Every new password

Every single nerd

It is so absurd

        Always watching you.


They are watching you.

They are watching you.   

They are watching you. . . . . . . . . . 



(Overlapping words shown in red)


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