The Pentose Phosphate Pathway

Copyright © 2011 Kevin Ahern

I need erythrose phosphate

And donÕt know what to do

My cells are full of G-6-P

Plus NADP too


But I just hit upon a plan

As simple as can be

IÕll run reactions through the path

ThatÕs known as PPP


In just two oxidations

ThereÕs ribulose-5P

Which morphs to other pentoses

Each one attached to P


The next step it is simple

Deserving of some praise

The pentose carbons mix and match

Thanks to transketolase


GlyceraldehydeÕs a product

Sedoheptulose is too

Each with a trailing phosphate

But we are not quite through


Now three plus seven is the same

As adding six and four

By swapping carbons back and forth

ThereÕs erythrose-P and more


At last IÕve got the thing I need

From carbons trading places

IÕm happy that my cells are full

Of some transaldolases


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