The Citric Acid Cycle

Copyright © 2011 Kevin Ahern


I love my citrate synthase

It really is first rate

Adds O-A-A to Ac-Co-A

Producing a citrate


Aconitase is picky

Binds substrates specially

Creating isocitrate

Which has no symmetry


Then CO2 gets lost from it

Released in the next phase

The secret weapon - Isocitrate



The alpha K –DH is next

It gets my admiration

For clipping CO2 in one more



Succ-CoA synthetase steps up

Reacting most absurd

ItŐs named for a catalysis

That really goes backward


Suc -CIN-ate de-hyd-ROG-en-ase

Pulls H from succinate

Creating FADH2

As well as fumarate


The fumarate gains water

OH-configured L

ItŐs fumaraseŐs product

Some malate for the cell


With the last oxidation

Malate de-hyd-ROG-en-ase

Expels its two creations

N-A-D-H / O-A-A


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